Dr. Ciorba and his lab personnel are key contributors to the Washington University Digestive Diseases Research Cores Center (DDRCC). One of the many ongoing projects in the Ciorba lab is supporting the DDRCC Precision Animal Models and Organoids Core.  The mission of the Precision Animal Models and Organoids Core (PAMOC), is to promote collaborative, multidisciplinary research focused on interactions between host and environment in digestive disease.  This Core provides advice and technical services that include the production of transgenic, knockout, and knockin mice and assisted reproduction services for maintaining pedigrees via the Mouse Genetics Core.

As a Co-Director of the Precision Animal Models and Organoids Core (PAMOC), Dr. Ciorba provides consultations for projects involving gastrointestinal epithelial cells and organoids, including design and interpretation of experimental studies involving the use of primary gastrointestinal epithelial cell models.

Image from stemcell.com