Baosheng Chen, PhD

Research Instructor in Medicine

I obtained my PhD at the Peking Union Medical College in China, where I studied the mechanisms of esophageal cancer.  In 2002, I joined the Sadovsky/Nelson lab at Washington University in St Louis School of Medicine for my postdoctoral work that investigated the expression and function of NDRG1, PPARs, CTGF, ADRP, p53, and other genes, in placental trophoblasts, and the response of trophoblasts to hypoxia and other stresses.  After postdoctoral training, I kept working on placental apoptosis and autophagy, with an emphasis on investigating the molecular effects of pomegranate juice on these processes, and the potential role of pomegranate juice as a beneficial dietary supplement during pregnancy.  In 2016, I joined the Ciorba Lab as Senior Scientist, with a focus on studying the mechanisms and identifying potential drug targets of colitis-associated cancer.